Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old and New Along Original Lincoln Highway in Linn County, Iowa

Along a portion of the original Lincoln Highway in Linn County, Iowa, where the old gravel road veers from today's paved Lincoln Highway motorway, is an iron bridge flanked by two farm buildings either side of it.

Sidenote: The original Lincoln Highway was not a straight line bisecting the county as it does today. Back in the day the highway took a northwest route shortly after traveling west from Mount Vernon. The old route went on to Marion then aimed southwestward toward Cedar Rapids. About a decade later this route was streamlined twice, finally settling on its current path. A story for another day. 

These two barns, separated by a pasture and creek, have something in common - metal roofing and exterior. The top barn is much newer than the white barn but each can boast a stainless steel skin that still looks pretty good today. If the sky is clear, around 4 PM local time the setting sun produces golden light (actually its quite stunning) that is ideal in capturing these structures.


  1. I love BOTH of them.

    The new one is so red - - - and gives me HOPE that barns won't totally disappear from the landscape.

    The old one speaks of history and heritage.

  2. I just adore old barns. We have our share here on the Ponderosa....oh the stories they could share over the generations!

    God bless and have a marvelous day!!!

  3. I like knowing the origins of roads. I remember saying to my sisters, "When I was a kid, this road wasn't here and we had to..." fill in the blank lol

    Good looking barns, that's for sure.