Thursday, June 24, 2010

Largest Mega-Length Lake Freighter Delights Duluth, Minnesota Audience

Some seven degrees of latitude north of 42N country, the Paul R. Tregurtha makes her way out of Duluth Harbor on June 23rd under the aerial lift bridge. The lake freighter is the longest vessel on the Great Lakes measuring in at 1,013’ 06” - that's 3.37 football fields long! On this day the harbor horn sounded indicating the bridge lifting. That event was followed by the sighting of the departing vessel by people near the canal wall. Within minutes the stupidly-long ship silently glided past the crowd and onto Lake Superior. 

Have you ever wanted to be a guest aboard a 1,000 footer even for just a few days?

Here's your chance. Enter this
contest to possibly win a 5-1/2 day voyage on a Great Lakes ship during the summer of 2011. Just think, you could be aboard and waving back to the Duluth crowd while heading for one of 63 commercial ports on the Great Lakes. How cool. Know that.


  1. I'm curious about your "stupidly-long" description. I wonder why it is so long? That's quite a vessel!

  2. my granpa co owns that company