Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pegasus Flys Over 42N Country

Pegsus, the winged horse takes form throughout 42N country and surrounding latitudes. In Duluth, Minnesota (46.79°N 92.1°W) is a Pegasus Mobil Oil design which is located near the aerial bridge area. This red sign is attached to a restaurant building's exterior and at night the glow of neon outlines the iconic logo.

Meanwhile 358 miles away in Galena, Illinois, (42.43°N 90.41°W) a weather vane atop the Flying Horse restaurant points to the way of the wind. Both the Duluth and Galena examples are associated with eateries. Perhaps the potential for eye catching graphics and ideas of flights of fancy lures customers to these restaurants. Know that.

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  1. And over here, in Wisconsin, it's roosters and cows.haha