Monday, March 15, 2010

Bald Eagle Sightings Along Upper Mississippi River

Melting ice along 42N's Mississippi River areas means one thing this time of year - the gathering of the American Bald Eagles. Nestled in a quiet cove just south of East Dubuque, Illinois is a spot where these birds assemble for more than just resting.

At this particular location eight Bald Eagles and hundreds of sea gulls watch over a rapidly melting area of ice. Upon sighting their targets the eagles unleash themselves from the branches and soar overhead, catching the warm winds of nearly 60 degrees today.

Their mission is to catch a meal by selecting a few of the hundreds of dead fish floating just under thin ice. Birds waited for the fish to roll to the surface or in some cases pecked through the ice to grab a crappie, perch or small catfish.

Warm temperatures also brought scores of people to view the once endangered birds. Now it is quit common to see eagles gathered in number to grab a bite of fish. Know that.

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