Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Laurium Manor Inn Haunting Opportunities

One of the biggest traffic posts to date on the 42N Observations site concerned the recounting of last summer's ghostly noises heard while visiting Michigan's Laurium Manor Inn. While this post isn't an update on last summer's story I have included a few more images from that visit to help you visualize the stately manor's interior. Ornate lighting found throughout the property may help in the location of other ghostly noises. If not, then you may appreciate their own design that speaks of elegance from another era. More serious ghost hunters should check out this group of paranormal investigators who are located a lot closer to the manor than here at 42N. Know that.


  1. One, my pictures are better lol and two, where are the ladybugs?

  2. i got evps off the front deck of the laurim manor inn...so i know there is somthing there..i just need to get in to investigate..if you wanna comment me go to face book and look up adams paranormal investigator and go to diss..and talk to me:)