Friday, March 27, 2009

Delta Airlines ORD Offers More Than Missing Luggage Information

Air travelers visiting Delta Airlines baggage services at Chicago O'Hare (ORD) airport are either already mad or about to be mad regarding their missing luggage. That's what two Delta veterans recently told me. But actually the opposite was observed on Thursday afternoon. Lost luggage was reunited with one happy traveler. Other passengers received information from the desk about the airport layout, where to get a meal, when the next flight arrives, and where the closest ground transportation was located.

A FEMA logisitics manager stationed in Mississippi was assured that his luggage was on the next Delta flight since he had a tight connection earlier that day and knew his bags would not probably make it with him. His bag did arrive on the next flight from Atlanta which meant that he could attend his son's graduation at the Great Lakes Naval Academy as planned without the worry and inconvenience of lost luggage.

Tim Parnell (behind the counter) assisted an elderly passenger to understand his itinerary. Tim pointed out the great thing about working for Delta in Chicago is all about helping people. He enjoys watching aircraft and highly recommends the annual Chicago Air and Water Show as a great family event. If you like aircraft photos (who doesn't?) Tim suggests visiting the web site for some great images. Know that.

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