Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ringtones From Another Era

Look hard enough and you can still find early twentieth century telephonic equipment like this Kellogg wall mount model. At a recent auction in Belle Plaine, Iowa this crank-ringer attracted four bidders and fetched around $75. In its day the phone represented state-of-the-art communication. Roughly 80 years later the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company of Chicago, Illinois phone is more of a decorative object than a functioning household staple. Just think - a phone with no capacity for dialing, photography, music, gps, internet, portability or even fancy ringtones. The only amenity on this model is an authentic oak cabinet. How did people ever survive? Text me the answer. Know that.


  1. cool photo...
    sometimes i wish i didnt have modern technology, but i would never go back

  2. actually, I think the Kellogg had ringtone capabilites. Not sure, but I think so.