Sunday, February 22, 2009

American Gothic's Grant Wood Still Rests in Anamosa, Iowa

American Gothic painter, Grant Wood lived and created art around 42N country. His 1930 masterpiece hangs at the Art Institute of Chicago (above top), a city near the coveted mid-northern latitude. American Gothic is one of the most recognized images of American art and one of the most parodied. Moving a bit to the west, the master painted his iconic rural midwestern oil and several others at his studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Grant Wood was born and is buried in nearby Anamosa, Iowa. His grave is located along one of the middle roads in the cemetery and is usually adorned by flowers and his World War I service marker. He lies next to his sister, Nan Wood Graham, the woman who he painted in the American Gothic composition. A late afternoon photo on February 22, 2009 captures the solitude of this prominent member of the Regionalist art movement. Visit several Grant Wood sites around the 42N latitude. Click here to discover the painter's legacy. Know that.