Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Information on Iowa City's F-86 Sabre Jet

A communication regarding my last post concerns the history of the Iowa City Municipal Airport's F-86 Sabre jet memorial. Websites dedicated to identifying certain aircraft exist and are fueled by input from photographers, historians and local contributors.

One 42N blog reader provided a link to such a site where he and others have detailed information about this Korean War era airframe and its history in Iowa.

Additional history regarding this particular F-86 is welcomed. Please visit the website below and add your knowledge of this memorial to the veterans of Johnson County, Iowa.

From the Aerial Visuals Airframe Dossier website (Link):

Airframe Family: North American P-86/F-86 Sabre
Latest Model:F-86L Sabre
Last Military Serial:53-0750 USAF
Construction Number:201-194
Latest Owner or Location:Iowa City Municipal Airport, Iowa City, Iowa

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