Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Impressions From the T-6 Trainer Association Gathering at Dubuque Regional Airport

The T-6 Trainer Association meets the weekend of the start of EAA's Oshkosh air spectacular, The T-6 Texans stag at the Dubuque Regional Airport for a private gathering where the pilots practice two by two take offs and formation drills. This year I was able to visit the planes from both sides of the fence with the help of some event organizers. This photo is of a spotless T-6 that sports a chrome and paint look. I thought the contrast of metal and paint made for a great composition. Note the Iowa backdrop.
Two P-51 Mustangs were also present on the tarmac. The Rebel was cleaned before its flight to Wisconsin. I'm guessing that the cost to purchase this would be a couple of millions of dollars if it were on the market. Who knows what it costs to maintain it?

I met Tom Swindle from the Fort Worth, Texas area. Tom watched his pilot buddy fly a T-6 earlier in the day. Tom works at Cowtown Aerocrafters where WWII era aircraft are restored and maintained.

This is usually my vantage point to see the Oshkosh bound WWII planes. Sometimes I can get the lens through the chain link fence or in between the gate door. This year was a bit different.

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