Saturday, November 29, 2014

Vintage 1937 DC-3 Lands at Iowa City

On August 19, 2014 the restored Flagship Detroit DC-3 landed at the Iowa City airport. The 21-passenger plane was restored to its original 1937 flying condition and American Airlines color scheme after an extensive two year period.

With the setting sun's rays bathing the plane in golden light, the sight through the viewfinder was unbelievable. The plane looked unreal, like a shiny toy against a fake background. It didn't belong here - in our modern world. It took some adjustment to believe what was before me.

The Flagship Detroit is based at an American Airlines hanger in Tulsa. The plane makes appearances at many airshows throughout the year including the one at Greeley, Colorado, the destination following Iowa City. 

The crew had just left the plane for the evening before I arrived. Earlier in the day for a person could join the plane's foundation for $150 and receive a ride. While that sounded tempting, the airport manager said that the plane would be flying to Greeley directly the next morning. Read about the plane here from the Gazette.

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  1. We missed each other. I was also there that evening photographing this beautiful bird!