Monday, January 27, 2014

McMinnville's Depot Bottom Trains

Across the street from Depot Bottom Country Store in McMinnville, Tennessee are a collection of retired and working trains. While the 42N team didn't spend enough time there last October, the site was dripping with sights to see and history to explore.

I have no idea whether this is a working locomotive. Seem like it is still in working order and ready to haul the area's timber and nursery products to wherever needed. I was told that this particular area of town known as Depot Bottom is quite old and once settled, the site always was rail related.

A few feet from the green locomotive is this old caboose. Now I know that cabooses are no longer in service and therefore figure this one is retired. I have not researched the CRW (Caney Fork & Westernlogo to figure out the history of the line or this particular caboose, but may do so before the next visit.

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