Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photographing Panther Basketball and Senator Grassley

Yesterday at the women's basketball game between University of Northern Iowa and Saint Louis University, media coverage was sparse. Only two photographers covered the game in which the UNI Panthers won 74-65 over the STU Belicans. This Canon equipped photographer was most likely a student covering sports for the university's website

The pro photographer, who also sported video gear, was mostly likely from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier newspaper. He shot the game with Nikon equipment and spent a lot of time editing shots between action. An account of the game can be found here.

Behind the UNI team, Iowa's senior U.S. Senator, Charles Grassley (standing right in scarf), family and friends were also in attendance. Senator Grassley lives a few miles miles to the northwest of Cedar Falls. When back in Iowa on weekends he and his wife (left) attend many of these games.

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