Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bull Snake Bite at Lake Macbride

Earlier this summer a bit of nature vs. man drama unfolded at a local lake. In eastern Iowa we have two side-by-side man made lakes; Lake Macbride and the Coralville Reservoir. At the Macbride dam several people spotted a bull snake which had made its way up the rock face to wait for food from flowing spillway water. These people went to investigate and to take a few photos, I did too.

One of their friends tried picking up the snake with a small stick. He succeeded in grabbing the long serpent by the end of its tail. 

However, snakes do what they do. Our purple shirt friend received a bite from the bull snake and bled. After releasing the snake (unharmed) he showed the effects of the bite. We offered medical attention but he declined saying that he often receives snake bites. He assured us that a bull snake is not poisonous and that he would be okay. The snake made its way down the slope and entered the waters of the Coralville Reservoir. Our purple shirt friend went back to his family's BBQ at the picnic area to show off the bite.

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