Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Summer Visit to Manchester's Trout Hatchery

My third visit to the Manchester Trout Hatchery located just southeast of Manchester, Iowa occurred in early August. Previously, snow has been on the ground during the other trips. What a difference warmer months make. The facility is open to tour several concrete pools that hold growing trout segregated by species or size.

A big draw for kids of all ages is to feed the fish by throwing them tiny pellet sized trout food, probably something like Purina Trout-Chow. Hover above the long pools, extend your arm and drop the food into the water. Trout race to find the pellet feast. Even without food, the act of pretending to have some food for the fish, makes them ripple the water's surface in anticipation.

Most trout are eventually released into streams in throughout NE Iowa like this one which runs through the hatchery property.

Seems strange but anglers can try their luck catching trout that probably originated feet from this stream. There is a 14 inch minimum length limit in addition to having a fishing license and a trout stamp to catch these beauties.

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  1. I've been to a similar fish hatchery in Nova Scotia. Compared to other tour attractions they are a no frills place to visit. You actually get to see real people at work. I found the self guided tour interesting.