Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Winter's Ride Near Indian Creek

Three days ago we received the season's third measurable snowfall. Not too much to complain about. A sure sign of Spring is non-Winter activities like this bike rider. While we expect another 3-5 inches of snow Tuesday midday, we know that warmer temperatures are just around the corner. Now if only this moisture could recharge subsoil depths rather than running off and thus ending the yearlong draught. However, the upside to this dilemma is the neighborhood snow melt will drain into nearby Indian Creek, then to the Cedar River, merging with the Iowa River at Columbus Junction, then finally joining the Mississippi River near Toolsboro, Iowa. Old Man River has been near historic low depths since last Fall forcing tow barges to operate only below St. Louis. Perhaps this melt will help.


  1. Neat photo. Kids never seem to feel the cold the same way adults do.

  2. The Great Lakes are low, too; our record snowfalls should help. Love the blur around the edges of this shot.

    1. The focus at center is a result of shooting in manual focus while panning with the subject. Many factors need to line up to get the shot...and a lot of luck.