Monday, January 7, 2013

Time for the January Thaw?

Two and a half weeks ago eastern Iowa and parts of surrounding states received a first taste of Winter. Locally about a half foot of snow fell on green dormant grass. The quick freeze of rain turned to sleet, then turned to snow with 45 mph winds snapping tree branches and limbs. For 19 days the temperatures have stayed below freezing. This week air temperatures are expected to change upward. We may even see 40 F plus temperatures by the end of the week. Perhaps the severe winter weather is done for the season - but probably not. Sounds great but we really need participation. Year two of the drought continues without signs of abatement locally.


  1. The weather knows no boundaries. The same thing is happening here in my part of Canada.

  2. It's supposed to warm up here too - - - and I'm NOT happy about it.