Sunday, December 2, 2012

UFO Landed in Sinsinawa's Valley of the Dinosaurs

Travel over the Highway 151 bridge from Iowa to Wisconsin (over the Mississippi River) and take the first exit in the Badger State east to Highway 11. Along the scenic rolling hills near Sinsinawa is a massive tree topped mound which served as native, mining, Black Hawk war, and spiritual centers. Save all of that for a future 42N blog post.

Continue east of the mound about a mile and you will notice a slight rise of a hill on the highway. As you crest the hill (still east bound) you will plunge into an alien world of dinosaurs and an UFO. There’s about eight metal dino sculptures in a pasture greeting you unexpectedly. New to this mixture of creatures is this UFO craft complete with a green faced alien at the controls. 

While photographing these objects of art I parked along the shoulder of the busy highway. I walked outside of the guard rail to get closer to the dinosaurs. Not surprisingly the ground was littered with discarded containers of energy drinks, beer, fast food wrappers, and miscellaneous plastics, broken glass and paper. Oddly no cheese wrappers were found despite being within a few miles of curd central, Shullsburg. Friendly Wisconsinites even blew their horns as if I cared to look at them zipping by at 55 mph rather than observing the herd from Jurassic Park, plus one alien. 


  1. Clever! I've seen dinosaurs made of farm machinery parts at a place north of Waterloo.

  2. now if the hubby & i are ever traveling in this neck of the woods .. we would enjoy seeing these in person. so cool!! very creative. ( :