Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday 'Love Me Do'

It was 50 years ago that 'Love Me Do' was released by EMI and launched the Beatles career. Tollie Records  followed shortly with the same release on their label. I'm sure there's a story how all of the record label distributions worked out so I'll let you discover for yourself. The song charted to number 17 in the UK and provided the basis for the many hits to come from the Beatles.

I purchased this record and jacket at an estate auction for $5 - for a whole box of 45 rpm records of various 1960s-70s artists. I consider it a score. One note of interest. The songwriting artists for both songs is credited to McCartney - Lennon. At some point soon after this release the team decided on alphabetical order of Lennon - McCartney. John and Paul used that designation on all their subsequent compositions despite many tunes being written exclusively by one or the other Beatle. In the end the music remains fresh today 50 years from the band's recording release with side B saying it all.

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  1. I'll be turning 50 this spring (That sounds insane to me, btw.) and I've always enjoyed thinking of my older sisters (12 and 10 years older than I) listening to music like this. I remember their music taste in the 60's. Fun :)