Thursday, August 9, 2012

Restoring Minneapolis Moline Tractors

Each year a group of Minneapolis Moline enthusiasts meet to exchange stories and parade their yellow tractors in area events. "Restoring tractors is half the fun of owning one," a guy on this tractor told me. He was trying to replace the steering wheel. His son grew impatient holding the wheel while his dad tried to unhinge the bolts.

When assembled and painted the restored farm tractors look like they did in 1929 and ending in the 1960s when they rolled off assembly lines. More examples of restored Minneapolis Moline tractors can be seen annually at the Old Threshers Reunion in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. From the grandstand and parade grounds you can experience a wide variety of American made tractor brands spanning steam to diesel power. This year the event is August 30th through September 3rd.


  1. Goodness, that top one looks like it needs plenty o restoring!

    My cousin does this with Allis-Chalmers tractors. Perhaps you remember the post I did about it several years ago.

    Then again, maybe not!

    HEY - - - GOOD NEWS - - - we got the drizzle from you and it lasted for about 24 hours!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOT!!!! I'm a happy camper.

  2. Beautiful photographs, interesting looking into the history of the technique. I am greeting