Monday, May 9, 2011

Canadas Takeoff at Central Park

Two Canada geese takeoff from 42N's Central Park lake in Jones County, Iowa on Mother's Day 2011. This 25-acre lake is home for many Canada pairs, who at this time of year are busy with raising yellow colored offspring. The airborne pair took flight after some commotion caused a group of the birds to temporarily relocate to the safety of the northern portion of the lake. The quick action of my new zoom lens was able to catch water drops trailing the birds. Know that.


  1. Pioneer Woman is having an "Action Shot" photo assignment if you'd like to join in with this shot. This is action! Love it.

    PW's Assign. Action

  2. WOW! You know what to do with that camera of yours! Sweet shot! :)

  3. Is that ME on the traffic feed, from Neenah?! strange...