Monday, February 21, 2011

A Gathering of Presidents at Mt. Rushmore

Off season at Mt. Rushmore can yield big results. Unseasonably warm temperatures 10 days ago melted most of the snow around the far western South Dakota landmark. More importantly vehicle traffic was all but gone at the park leaving the 42N crew time to observe the heads of Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln. Site management still opted for full price to park the car and walk through a nearly deserted visitor center. We opted not to waste the cash as the faces can be clearly seen from a variety of locations on the road. At this time of year when almost no one is around you can stop the car at will and take in the scenery.

Continuing around the mountain is the chance to see the side view of the sculpture. Near the mountain’s west base is a parking area where the profile of Washington alone can be clearly seen. Again the 42N crew were the only people at the site.

On the eastern approach to Mt. Rushmore is a convenience store/gas station. Next to it is this display of three more U.S. Presidents; Kennedy, Reagan, and G.W. Bush. Made of plaster, concrete or something else these three busts stare in the same direction as their famous predecessors – although at a much smaller scale. Perhaps they serve as potential additions to the famous carving. Or perhaps it was someone’s idea to honor all the Presidents as we do on this Presidents Day. Know that.


  1. Perhaps it is someone honoring their personal favorite presidents.

  2. I've never been to Mt. Rushmore, but my mom (who was born in Murdo, SD) was a little girl when they were carving Lincoln's nose (or so she tells me :)