Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cedar Falls Sweets Still Tumble From Candy Machines

Look around many long established retail stores and you might still find candy machines belting out a mouthful of sweets for 25-cents a turn. The price is not the same as a couple generations ago but the treats and experience are the same. This machine, located in downtown Cedar Falls, Iowa, sells candy coated gumballs called Dubble Bubble, a product from Tootsie Roll Industries.

In a few stores down from Dubble Bubble are these two 25-cent machines which dispense m&ms and some type of gummy cylinders. Notice the placement of the machines near the inside entrance of the store and the height of the glass containers - all directed at the target consumer - a kid. These time tested candy machines are still part of the modern retail environment, are fondly remembered by kids of all ages, and are hopefully around for a long time. Know that.

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  1. That gumball shot is great! It's great that so far, there isn't much of a technology upgrade to a gumball machine :)

    Kristin - The Goat