Friday, August 27, 2010

Gold in Virginia City, Montana - Tourist Dollars That Is

Virginia City, Montana is home to about 150 people year round. During the tourist season the town grows each day as hundreds visit this preserved 1860s gold mining spot. 

On August 14th the 42N team headed from Helena to corn country, about a three day drive. As the vehicle drove up a mountain to Virginia City then down a steep incline, the brakes began making thumping sounds. Having driven the car all summer in mountain conditions the junior member of 42N said this was the first time the brakes acted up.

So we took it easy going the rest of the few downhill miles to Virginia City, parked the car, and did a quick inspection of the brakes. Besides being hot, the brakes looked okay, no dripping hydraulic fluids and no flat tires. So we walked through the eight blocks of town looking at the shops, museums and chowing on lunch - allowing time for the brakes to cool in the 50 some degree temperature in August!

The town offers a lot for such a small place. Two teenagers were getting their old West photos taken as we passed by. The photographer instructed one subject to look happy and the other to look stern - must make for a great composition. The girls couldn't stop laughing. Besides small museums of city history, the town offers areas for local and regional artists to display and sell their creations. If you ever find yourself in Virginia City listen to these audio files while walking around the city (click here.) There may be instructions on those recordings on where to find a good brake mechanic. Maybe. Know that. 


  1. It's almost a requirement to have an old tyme photo taken, isn't it? I know my folks had one taken of us kids. I still love the photo LOL

    Kristin _ The Goat

    (it's been really nice spending time on your blog this evening.)