Friday, April 30, 2010

What Time is it in Iowa?

Sundial at the state capitol grounds, Des Moines, Iowa

M*A*S*H's Father Francis Mulcahy once asked, "what time is it in Iowa?"

"1882," replied Major Charles Emerson Winchester III without missing a beat.

While this exchange was funny in its context of a sophisticated Winchester from affluent Boston, MA versus a rural Radar O'Reilly from Ottumwa, Iowa the punchline sometimes still sticks to Hawkeye state - or so it would seem to the left and right coasts.

Presently the State received two presidential visits within the past month or so. What's the deal? Turns out that Iowa is just months away from hosting yet another round of presidential candidates for the first in the nation caucus in 2012. With the 2010 elections just six months away, the state is already receiving visits from various personnel wishing to govern the nation.

So what time is it in Iowa? Time to listen to and question the latest group of presidential wannabes. This time Iowa citizens will more thoroughly perform due diligence than they did during the 2008 election. The mainstream media didn't do its job and shows no sign of changing course. Know that.

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