Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Apple Score: Badfinger - Baby Blue

Another Apple 45 find yesterday. This time it was Badfinger's Baby Blue, composed and sung by band member and lead singer Pete Ham. In its day the recording was the group's last top 20 hit and the second from last single release for the band. Badfinger was one of the Beatles hand picked groups to record on the Apple label soon after the record company was launched in 1968. Apple catalog 1844 was recorded in England, produced by Todd Rundgren and issued in the US in March 1972. This particular record did not have a sleeve and is slightly warped but plays well for a 38-year old piece of vinyl - all for 48 cents.

Today I had still another Apple find in hand -- and it was another Badfinger single of all things, No Matter What. The particular record was well worn and the label was heavily scratched so I didn't purchase it. Got to draw the line somewhere. Know that.

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