Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quatermass' Martians At Hobbs End

Digging a London Underground station expansion near Hobbs End in 1967 led to an unearthing of a craft containing the remains of its long expired occupants. Was it a V weapon from World War II or something else? Better call Bernard Quatermass of the British Experimental Rocket Group. He'll figure this thing out.

Spoiler Alert: 5 Million Years to Earth was the US title of Quatermass and the Pit (UK) movie released in 1967 as the third in a series of Quatermass serials. The premise centered on the thought that creatures from another planet, Mars in this case, arrived here million of years ago to enslave early humans. The creatures accomplished this through telepathic means but ran into a problem. Along the way clues of their identity were tied to what was considered evil. Interesting concept.
Watch the 1967 trailer here.

This movie fuses several interesting elements - world war ii, martians, anthropology, old religious traditions and beliefs. Perhaps that's why this 42N blogger loves it. By the way, Spike Milligan loved it too. Read this early spoof of the movie here.  Know that.


  1. The Beatles live on. Unfortunately we gave away lots of vinyl records and sold more at a recent family estate sale. I'm not a collector, but I think there was a treasure trove there....all in great condition.

    Your 42N Observations has lots of good stuff. Keep it going. MEC

  2. omg, that trailer was hilarious! Loved the "flying" rocks, and the narrator's voice was awesome' it brought me right back. (to the 80's, right? Cuz I'm much to young to remember anything further than that...