Monday, October 12, 2009

USS Wisconsin Prepares for Navy's 234th Birthday

The USS Wisconsin, anchored in Norfolk, Virginia, is being decked out today in patriotic bunting in preparation for celebration of the US Navy's 234th birthday this week. The Iowa-class battleship entered World War II service and presently is a key attraction in the downtown waterfront area. The standout weaponry on these battleships are the nine 16-inch guns.

One remarkable feature of this decorated warship is the rebuilt bow. After a foggy collision with another navy ship during the 1950s, the damaged USS Wisconsin's bow was taken off and replaced with the bow section from the last Iowa class battleship under construction at the time, the USS Kentucky. The merger of the two ship parts is fondly referred to as the WIS-KY after the abbreviations for the two states.

While the USS Wisconsin was closed to tours on this Monday, the ship is readily accessible along the Cannonball trail - the extended sidewalk that allows spectacular views of the warship. Take time to read the various information displays along the walkway. Statues and monuments to other Norfolk-based personnel who gave their lives in defense of our country are located along the path. Know that.

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