Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iowa Corn Crop Finally Begins to Dry Ahead of Fall Harvest 2009

Finally. After a cool, wet summer, 42N country in the state of Iowa is experiencing three consecutive weeks of warm sunshine and low humidity air masses.

The result is yellowing corn and soybeans, a sign that crops are maturing and drying has begun. Ag experts continue to predict that this fall's harvest of corn in Iowa will be one of the largest - some estimated 13 billion bushels - just shy of the 2007 record of 13.04 billion bushels.

To those who live outside the American Midwest or have limited access to cornfields here are two looks of productive acres located in north central Iowa. Miles and miles of corn is evident but also notice the gently rolling hills. This is evidence that the "Hawkeye" state is not universally flat. Know that.