Sunday, July 19, 2009

Air Tractor At Vinton, Iowa Airport

Crop dusting, also known as aerial spraying, is used for insect and weed control and is big business in 42N country. To tackle the job you need a versatile machine and pilot. Tied down at the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airpark (42.2186389N, 92.0259167W) three miles north of Vinton, Iowa is this Air Tractor (AT) 300 series agricultural aircraft. From the looks of the fuselage, the aircraft has been in service for several years.

While this model may have been manufactured in the 1980s several electronic advances have emerged to assist the farmer who contracts for aerial spraying. One of these advances is a GPS-based process called precision aerial application which can direct spray to those areas of the field that actually need the treatment. This technique results in less chemical use, reduced cost of operation and improves yield results -- sounds just like one of many ag radio commercials heard in 42N country during football season. Know that.

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