Sunday, May 31, 2009

Face on Mars Resembles Lion

(top and bottom original photo source: NASA)

The Viking 1 orbiter photographed the so-called Face on Mars on July 25, 1976 while performing photo recon work for future landing sites on the red planet. The release of this image touched off three decades of investigation and conjecture.

The original 1976 press release from NASA stated: "The picture shows eroded mesa-like landforms. The huge rock formation in the center, which resembles a human head, is formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth. The feature is 1.5 kilometers (one mile) across, with the sun angle at approximately 20 degrees. The speckled appearance of the image is due to bit errors, emphasized by enlargement of the photo."

In April 2001, the Mars Orbital Camera (part of the Mars Global Surveyor) imaged the Face in much higher resolution. Once again depending on your viewpoint the martian landmark was interpreted as either a geologic feature that happens to resemble a human face or it represents a sculptured work - therefore purposely created.

While the Face feature rests near 41N martian latitude (coincidentally near 42N, hmm) there is an interesting comparison to illustrate.

Although I am not the first person to show this comparison my version is to take last week's masonic lion photo (see posting below,) divide the portrait in half, then position it with the high resolution NASA image of the Face from 2001. Interesting, don't you think? What is it telling us? Here is an opposing viewpoint for consideration. Perhaps the first human expedition to the area will settle this debate. Know that.

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