Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dennis the Quincy Mine Tour Guide is YouTube Celebrity

This is Dennis. He is the all-knowing Quincy Mine properties tour guide in Hancock, Michigan. Dennis educates people about the history of copper mining in Michigan, especially about the Quincy Mining Company. He answers just about any question that you may have about copper mining, impresses many with his extensive geological knowledge and leverages his presentation skills to educate and entertain.

While on the first tour of the day last summer there is a point where the tractor pulling visitors stops, and Dennis motions for the group to come near. He has a cross sectional map of the mine that shows the dozen or so shafts that penetrate over 97 levels of the once active mine. Here he points out that we are located on Level 7 (above 90 levels that have filled with water!)
Dennis also jokes about who in the group might be video taping him. He says he is aware of a few clips of him on YouTube. The crowd laughs, but the visitors' cameras (both still and video) record his discussion of the evolution of mining techniques once used in the mine. Later we post a couple of videos on YouTube featuring the plaid-shirted Dennis. These videos join a growing number of Quincy Mine visitor made clips featuring the star of Level 7. Somehow we know that he really likes all the attention. Know that.


  1. It's amazing to me that Calumet was once only second in population to Detroit, Michigan and was almost made the capitol. Ah, the mines in Copper Country were BOOMING, back in the day! I look forward to learning more.

  2. Dennis knows his stuff and is a valuable asset to the Copper Country. To know your history is to be better in the future.


  4. Ahh Dennis, the lovable grizzly bear of Quincy. Without him his fellow tour guides wouldn't have near as much fun.