Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Haunting of Laurium Manor Inn

Deep in the heart of Upper Michigan's copper country is the Laurium Manor Inn, a beautiful 1908 symbol of elegance and high style. The opulent 45 room mansion is currently a splendid guest hotel providing visitors with a chance to experience how late Victorian-era copper barons once lived. The inn is located in Laurium, Michigan and provides many choices of restored rooms and overnight accommodation packages.

Listen here to the encounter or download the file.
One experience that we encountered last summer is not detailed on the inn's accommodation list. Listen above as one investigator-in-training describes her experience in one particular guest room around 2:22 in the afternoon during late July. Perhaps upon our next return we will spend the night and take more time to investigate the sounds of this 101 year old home before calling Ghost Hunters. Know that.


  1. Wowwwww. I will definitely look up the tour! Thanks.

  2. ok...i know what i felt in there. Its not right. i know what i felt. that place should be left alone.

  3. We stayed there fall 2011 and didn't have any bad experiences, we will stay there again for sure!

  4. What was the room number? I’d if the one from the above pictures?

    1. I don't recall but it was upstairs and to the back right.