Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tiger Dams Installed in Cedar Rapids for 2013 Spring Flood of Indian Creek

Orange tube Tiger Dams are being installed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this morning. Along Indian Creek the dams are being placed, filled with water and tied down to prevent rising waters damaging local homes.

Dams were installed at this very location in 2009 but were ineffective due to their installation at the time.

We received over 4 inches of rain in two and a half days. The drought is over but at the expense of rising water and flooding rivers and streams. 

City crews have learned best practices since the 2009 flood.

While this is the second time tiger dams have been deployed at this site, the amount of effort for workers and equipment seem enormous. Another alternative to stop this flooding is being debated today.  

The Cedar Rapids city council is expected to discuss the flooding issue at this morning's meeting. Back on the agenda is the construction of a berm along Cottage Grove Parkway (parallel and to the right of the road above.) Flood money is already approved according to Councilwoman Ann Poe (who was on the scene this morning) but the go-ahead seems to be at the council level and with the Iowa DNR.