Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Corvair is Safe Even At Zero Speed

A 1960s era Chevrolet Corvair slowly sinks into a gravel parking lot in Waterloo, Iowa. The owner intends to restore the car but the timeline on his project seems to have found mission creep. Corvairs were called 'Unsafe at Any Speed' by Ralph Nader for issues related to swing axle suspension.

While other autos of that era had the same suspension mechanisms, the Corvair became the poster child for a popular car with alleged poor engineering. More surprising was the positioning of the gas tank ahead of the driver. Meanwhile the engine was located where trunks are normally placed - like VW Bugs. In the 1960s people were drawn to the car's unique looks and speed. Today the Corvair is an icon of the era and continues to draw thousands of fans to auto clubs.