Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Bridge Not Too Far

Along the Cedar River in Cedar Falls, Iowa the walleyes have started to bite. Each Spring the fish swim past this bridge to the nearby roller dam. There they discover a cement wall and travel no further upriver. Some walleye spawn in the bridge area while others retreat downriver. Several anglers tried their luck this day but nothing was biting. 

Spanning the river is a Pratt through truss bridge used by the Canadian National Railway and was built in 1899. 

The walleye angler told me he heard stories of a covered bridge at this location prior to 1899. People complained the bridge's interior smelled from the locomotives' smoke of the day.

That is not the case any more. The truss design is open and the locomotives don't belch too much these days. And by the way, no one is permitted to trespass on the bridge, let alone fish for walleye from the aerial vantage point. Good to know.