Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain Slows National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Move

Yesterday's 95F temperature made moving the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library only 200 feet a slow process but that was by design. The building is designed to move at 1/8th mph. The plan yesterday was to move in a straight line then pivot for the next phase. The pivot was not completed due to heavy rains and hail that fell mid-evening.

Today's forecast includes rain and temperatures in the 70s. Steel plates placed on the ground yesterday for traction will not be as effective in providing support for the multi-ton structure with rain. Since the building won't be pivoted today, workers organized things and re-checked the 40 sets of wheels below the museum.

Workers told me that this process of moving the museum will be a several week process if all the weather conditions, mechanics and personnel cooperate. In the end, the Czech Village area of Cedar Rapids will once again have a world-class museum dedicated to a portion of the city's heritage. Know that.

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  1. Wow! That's amazing. Really interesting. It looks like they already updated the exterior of the building?