Wednesday, June 8, 2011

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Moving Day

Nearly three years ago to the day (June 13th) the Cedar River flooded Cedar Rapids to heights not seen since the glaciers melted around 42N country a little over 10,000 years ago. One casualty that day three years ago was the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library. River water crested about halfway up this structure. Fast forward to today. After nearly two months of rain delays the museum rolled off its foundation and stopped 200 feet to the north in a move to relocate the structure.

The structure is being moved to its new home this week and will be lifted 11 feet atop a new parking structure. This allows for the building to remain in the city's Czech Village area and will minimize any possible future river flooding.

Structure mover, Jeremy Patterson and company from cable TV fame (TLC's Heavy Haulers) is here in Cedar Rapids with his talented crew to move the museum. The move is also being video tapped for a future show.

This afternoon the packed clay dirt was reinforced with steel plates. These will serve as a road to pivot the museum from its present location to its new home.

Crews worked this extremely hot afternoon by turning 40-some wheel pods 90 degrees in preparation of arching the path of the building in the next phase of moving the museum. A severe thunderstorm this evening may delay the pivoting on Thursday but the project will move forward. Know that.