Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Original Lincoln Highway Posts Still Present in Linn County, Iowa

The Lincoln Highway bisects 42N country's Linn County. Here in Lisbon, Iowa is one of three original concrete posts left in the county with a bronze colored profile of old Abe and the red, white, and blue color scheme that identified the road with the big "L."

East Main Street in Lisbon, like many other Lincoln Highway communities has posted historic route signs along the route. Other cities have painted telephone poles or fly flags to mark the route. Some of the Lincoln Highway route changed over time and those portions are also marked - sometimes.

In Linn Country there are a series of Lincoln Highway displays that begin at the Lisbon History Center. There you can see the route through the county as well as read about the road itself, gas stations, overnight cottages, restaurants (where mobsters from Chicago in the 1920s-30s stopped) and so on.

In Lisbon, this LH post (close-up of medallion portion) still exists for all to see for 80 plus years. Go see it or some other LH post in your community. Send me your photo next to your version of the Lincoln Highway, Route 66 or National Road (Pike) type of historic route. Let me know what the road means to you. Know that.