Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buy a Past at a Norway Iowa Auction

Recent items at last weekend's auction in Norway, Iowa. The home owner in her 80s lived there all her life. It was her parent's home too and she inherited all their things. Veneer off a tube radio peels away.

The auction set up boys took all the furniture outside for people to bid on. This cabinet went for $200.

A cap gun with its original box.

A Butternut (?) coffee can with US space program illustrations from Mercury to Apollo on it. Sold for over $25.

What time is it? Radio tube buying time of course.

Camera in its original box.

Buy a set of Iowa oak chairs - cheap! These went for under $25. There was much more at the auction. We bought several things for resale and the Dan Patch print - see the post here. Know that.