Thursday, October 7, 2010

Iowa City's Old Capitol in Hawkeye Fall Splender

The University of Iowa began in the former territorial capitol building in Iowa City. At this time of year the Pentacrest is nearly in full color against a bright blue sky and temperatures in the 70s.

Directly across the street from Old Cap is Iowa Book and Supply. Inside its doors is everything Hawkeye for purchase. Here is a selection of shirts.

Need a Hawkeye key fob or decal or clock or cup or set of coasters? This is the place for all things black and gold.

And for only $199 each, you may purchase a real Hawkeye football helmet (replica) from today's design back through the years. On this display are the 1960-70s left, the mid to late 1970s center, and the 1979 to Present design inspired by Coach Hayden Fry. The other three sides of this column are filled with earlier helmet designs.

Four or five doors down from Book and Supply is The Airliner. Its been the 'liner since 1944, serving many a college student with a variety of great food and adult beverages. One tradition that seems to still be alive is for people to sit at chairs near the bar's front windows and rate those who walk by. Take that as you may, guys hold up fingers indicating how they rate side walkers - from one to ten. This generally takes the form of male judges who consume beer while rating female students walking by the place. Some things never change. Know that.