Friday, May 31, 2013

Rising Cedar River Threatens Cedar Rapids Again

Workers at Penford Products move concrete barriers on top of earthwork levees yesterday along the rising Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Almost five years to the week of the devastating flood of 2008, the Cedar is expected to reach 19.5 feet through downtown. The 2008 historic flood crested at 31 feet. City officials say that at 12 feet the river begins to reach streets and back up sewers.

From the same vantage point as the top two photos, you can see two bridges in the foreground. Behind the bridges is May's Island where the city jail sits along with the Veteran's Memorial Building. Vet's was the site of city government until the 2008 flood. Flood preparations are being executed in and around this area as the river continues to rise and the rains continue to fall.

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