Sunday, May 26, 2013

Iowa's 2013 Corn Crop Emerging Despite Wet Conditions

Iowa's 2013 corn planting is a lively topic on the radio this spring. Last season we experienced state-wide drought that persisted through most of the year. Since February moisture has fallen steadily and erased the drought for two-thirds of the state but has shifted concerns to flooding. 

Farmers this spring have had short windows of opportunities to get pasture crops, corn and soybeans in the ground. This particular field is located just west of Mount Vernon, Iowa on the Lincoln Highway (old Hwy 30) and is typical of many acres found in eastern Iowa.

This view looks west of the top photo. The Lincoln Highway is on the left. Everything is green and growing but standing water or rising creeks are a concern. Of course time will tell whether this crop matures on time and is harvested later in the fall. I can't imagine being a farmer and having to deal with weather swings like this year to year.