Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Before Valentine's Day eCards and Facebook Greetings

Valentine's Day in grade school, back in the distant 1960s, meant constructing a special box to receive cards from all your classmates. Usually the collection of store bought cards contained an assortment of designs and sayings so you could pick the best ones for people who you really liked and generic designs and sayings for the rest. The teacher got the one large card.

Following card disbursement there was time to see what you personally received from others. How many hours did you spend decoding the design, dopey sayings, and personal handwritten messages from someone you really liked? Was there something there that wasn't there before? Could this be the start of something bigger? Generally not to all of the above, as I recall. But it was grade school back in the late Sixties (man) where everyone was digging the groove.

Mass Valentine's Day card giving still lives on for grade schoolers, but I suppose the practice is eroding with the advent of mass communication technology. Older kids and adults make use of email, eCards, texting, and Facebook greetings for their targeted display of Valentine-mania. Still there is something about receiving a paper card, opening the envelope and dissecting the message for clues about possible relationships real or imagined. Know that.

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