Thursday, February 2, 2012

Buddy Holly Lives On With Good Rockin' Tonight

At this time of year there are many celebrations of Buddy Holly's life and music. Last year I wrote a piece on his 1959 Winter Dance Party's bus repair in Tipton, Iowa. The blog post received many views, generated some comments and even a few emails. One email received was from a film maker who is producing a documentary about that winter bus trip that Holly, Valens, the Big Bopper and others experienced. I don't know the status of the production nor have seen any mention of it.

Buddy Holly's spirit goes on with celebrations like this Dubuque dance event scheduled for the weekend. At Clear Lake's famous Surf Ballroom, the site of Buddy's last performance, is an annual celebration - this year featuring Pat Boone, the Big Bopper's son and more bands. Its a good way to remember the person, the musicians and to celebrate some very endearing music. Know that.