Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quaker Oats Home of Cap'n Crunch

These two photos could be joined to show the expansiveness of the Pepsico Quaker Oats plant/mill here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The century old plant receives oats and corn from the surrounding agricultural lands and then performs cereal magic.

Somewhere in that complex the site produces kid (and adult) favorite Cap'n Crunch cereal. When the wind is just right and the ingredients are just so, you can smell Crunch Berries being made. Its been that way for years.

The advantage point of this photo is across from the Cedar River. In 2008 the river rose to historic levels and damaged the plant. As the city discussed how to solve long term flooding issues the plant workers installed a metal barrier along the east shore of the river to help in future flood prevention. The wall has not been hard tested since 2008. Good to know that the Cap'n won't let his plant stop production come rain or high water.

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