Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Stroll Through Grapevine Antiques

Antique stores, like Grapevine Antiques in Amana, Iowa offer glimpses into the past and what is currently popular with collectors. For some collectors it may be certain glassware types, others want to recreate what they had as a child. Still others collect for resale if the price is right.

Another feature of local antiques stores is historical local items. At Grapevine the regional reach of material can span from the Amana area to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City plus other sections of the state. A recent stop in Davenport and Moline offered another element to the regional mix – that of the Mississippi River and local rail road headquarters.

Today Grapevine highlighted a ball and claw table foot for $35, a set of old time children’s books from the 1940s and ‘50s, and the ever popular pocket knives.

Collectors look for things to start or expand their collection. However sometimes an item sells because of an emotional connection with the purchaser, but not in all cases.

A few weeks ago a women came to the store looking for a 1940s era radio for her business’ new historical display. She mentioned that the radio did not have to be functioning because she would gut it and place modern speakers in the shell to broadcast the company’s history in the display she was creating. A quick search of the store turned up no radio candidates. 

My own collection of radios may have helped but I couldn't let a fully functioning tube radio become stripped for a display.