Friday, March 30, 2012

American Pickers Expand Parking Lot in LeClaire, Iowa

Last Sunday the American Picker's Antique Archaeology place in LeClaire, Iowa was packed with motorcyclists. The recently expanded gravel parking lot (left of the old car) held a staging area for two wheelers before they rode off late afternoon. Meanwhile inside the business, the garage door was open and a women appeared to be working - might have been Danielle. Since it was crowded we didn't pull in.

After an hour we returned to the business to find it closed for the day. Someone was cleaning the inside door. Could be Danielle. Other postings on this blog pertaining to the American Pickers are often visited when the show airs. The search term most used to find the American Pickers is "American Pickers Danielle." Not Frank. Not Mike. She must be the real treasure. Know that.