Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grain Processing Mills Ready for Fall Harvest

In many 42N country small towns local grain mills are ready to process the 2010 crop. Here in the southern portion of Iowa City (41°38'N, 91°33'W), near the municipal airport is a complex of grain storage bins and mills. This site is repeated all over the Midwest to the point where you hardly notice the structures. But venture outside the region or into urban areas and you will not see these iconic structures.

Some of the bins hold the harvest for later transport to distribution centers or local business consumers. Some of the bin contents are milled per individual specification for livestock feed like in the photo above. A stat that I found regarding the annual harvest of 12.1 million bushels of corn use in North America is: 
  • 44% livestock feed
  • 30% fuel production (ethanol)
  • 15% exports
  • 8% making food starches and sweeteners
  • 3% making corn flour, grit, meal and beverage alcohol. 
Nationwide, the corn harvest through September 20th is 18% complete. Know that.