Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Time Lever Voting Booth - Bully

A prime example of hundred year old voting machine technology can be seen in this US Standard Voting Machine Company booth found in a 42N country barn. It operates by pulling a lever at the top of the booth to close curtains which unlocks the voting levers. A voter switches the lever for the person or ballot question designated by a candidate's name on the white cell areas seen above, then pulls the curtain lever again which registers the vote and clears the switches.

Since these types of voting machines were produced beginning in December 1900 (one month after the 1900 William McKinley win) it is possible that the first presidential election used on this particular machine was to decide the 1904 election between President Theodore Roosevelt and Alton Parker
. On this machine all the candidate names have been erased. Bully (a term coined by Teddy meaning 'wonderful' or 'superb.') Know that.